Lithuanian partners organized a cooperation event with stakeholders: LT HEI's units (also known as Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centers (TTO). During this event, they shared information about the InnoHEIs project and the actions of the LT partners. 

The meeting was conducted remotely, 31 participants were present. 21 of the participants were representatives of higher education institutions and 10 participants were from research institutes. Other participants were from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (4), Lithuanian Innovation Center (2), State Patent Bureau (1) and the Central Project Management Agency (2). 

The purpose of the meeting was to review the activities of the Units, to discuss current issues and challenges ahead. The main presentation aimed to address and facilitate a discussion on ways and means of commercializing R&D products. During the discussion, the participants emphasized the needs of critical mass of ideas, business inclusion, financing methods, infrastructures, human resources, etc. 

The report on the activities of Lithuanian partners in the InnoHEIs project was duly integrated into the context of the meeting discussions. In this regard, a report was read on the most important aspects (conclusions) found during the analysis of Lithuanian infrastructures (Regional diagnosis). It is expected that the insights from the InnoHEIs analysis will help to identify gaps, provide a further impetus to specific instruments of support from the state and stakeholders, and help to boost the usage of infrastructure of higher education and research institutes. In addition, it was reported that the InnoHEIs analysis found synergies with the results of the Higher Education and Smart Specialisation (HESS) project .