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Production of cheese and new technologies including public consultations of the project INNOGROW - 17/03/2017


BSC Kranj RDA Gorenjska, did in cooperation with the Biotechnical Centre Naklo, March 17th 2017 at the location of the Centre, Naklo, Gorenjska region, Slovenia organized a free lecture entitled "New technologies in the dairy and cheese production including public consultation within project INNOGROW on new technologies and business models in cheese and dairy production".

Irena Gril, Head of inter-company training center, gave an introductory speech for the event, followed by the welcome speech of PhD. Marijan Pogacnik, director of the BC Naklo and headmaster of professional college, as well as a lecturer and Lidija Zeme, director of finances in BSC, Ltd., Kranj and a project manager of the INNOGROW project.

Marjan Pogačnik emphasized that it is their wish to learn and teach from specific cases and not just from books. Therefor this kind of cooperation with industry is very important. Such lectures and integration of academic and economic fields are crucial.

Lidija Zeme presented BSC Kranj - what we do as a regional development agency of Gorenjska and mentioned that one of the priorities in our Regional Development Plan is rural development. Zeme presented the INNOGROW project – the partnership and also emphasized that for the organization it is very important to do something concrete by addressing policies, however in the first step identifying innovative technologies and business models. This event is one of the opportunities where all involved can exchange best practices and present new opportunities for development.

The agenda of the day offered lectures with discussions for

- Cooperation opportunities in rural areas and the multi-functionality of agriculture for the

              preservation of the cultural landscape - discussion and demonstration of projects (Ana

            Ambrožič, project manager at BC Naklo)

- Smart technology in agriculture - project presentation and discussion (Marko Valant, BC


- New technologies in the production of cheeses (examples of production of Italian, French

             and Austrian cheeses) (PhD. Sc. Marijana Blažić, head of the department of food technology

            college in Karlovac)

An important part of the event was INNOGROW public consultation workshop on the topic of new technologies and business models in a cheese industry and dairy industry.

Director of a factory “Mlekarna Krepko”, Sandra Turnšek: gave an inspiring lecture and story about their beginnings of business development and the road to success.

Director of the Loška Cooperative, Mitja Vodnjov pointed out the problems and negatives within the dairy industry, especially if one is a small company fighting for its market share with big corporations in comparison with small companies, able to dedicate a lot of money to advertisement and then on the other side as a small company to negotiate for a fair price due to the high quality of the product with multinational retail chains and franchise brands. For smaller companies production of high quality products is not a profitable business, he said, but rather a conviction that it is necessary to strive for quality of the products for the general good of people and slowly also the customers will recognize the quality and will be prepared to pay more.

Afternoon, after 16.30, was dedicated to the practical dairy workshop at the BC Naklo Center: Production of soft and semi-hard cheeses, specialties of the cheese production and microbial cultures.