Identifying successful new business models for rural economy SMEs

A spy novel 'BLACK HUNGARIAN' 

“Where am I?” he asked, still somewhat disorientated. 

It was a strange experience coming to in a place like this.

Hendrik pinched himself.

But no, he realised his eyes were not deceiving him.

He was in a treehouse…

Garden Village Bled has completely overwhelmed a German writer, so she decided to include our eco-friendly tourist resort and real known characters from Bled in her novel. A spy novel titled Black Hungarian is still in the stage of writing, but we are very happy to say that all our guests will have the chance to read this fun-spy-criminal story. Do you recognise the image from the last page? Read through a few pages of the chapter taking place in Bled and Garden Village.


Tourist resort Garden Village Bled is ideal for people who seek a unique place for spending holidays. Out of the spy novel or as a very real place guests can choose between several types of accommodation and dine in a one of a kind restaurant. While children can play on a playground designed especially for them, adults can indulge themselves with a natural massage under a waterfall, a reflexology foot massages, the Kneipp therapy in a special pool with refreshing spring water and Finnish sauna standing above the stream among the trees. For additional pampering, there is a massage terrace among the Tree Houses for a relaxing massage. Guests who like warming up over fire can enjoy a room with an open fireplace.

Those wishing to be on-line with the world on a regular basis, Garden Village offers Free WiFi throughout the resort. Guests can come by electric car and have no worries where they can charge it for one can use charging station for electric cars in the resort.

Garden Village is an entirely ecologically and innovatively designed complex, built over an abandoned gardening space, where eco-conscious guests can stay in. Fruit trees are planted throughout the resort. It has its own herb and vegetable gardens. Their gardener Jan, PhD in agronomy explains with pleasure everything about crops and useful plants. Each glamping tent has its own garden.

Specially designed restaurant offers Slovenian cuisine prepared with fresh greens from the Village garden and local farms. A terrace with a biotope, grass-covered tables, a tinkling stream and numerous plants conjure up a relaxing atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. 


Tired or not one can cuddle in a bed of:  

A Tree house

A Pier Tent 


A Glamping Tent 


A Luxury apartment 


More details about the business model: 

Garden Village is a unique example of an innovative type of business model with adoption of innovation within one or more dimensions of an existing business model.  

A definition of the innovative aspects of the business model combines, in this case, profit model innovation: introduction of innovative pricing strategies and models (e.g. bundled or flexible pricing), product performance innovation: design of products, services that work better in delivering superior value to customers (e.g. superior product, ease of use, safety, customization, environmental sensitivity), product system innovation: creating complementary products and services that connect or bundle together to create more value (e.g. to standard offer etc.), channel innovation: introduction of innovative ways to deliver your offerings to customers and users (e.g. diversification, context specific), as above described by globally recognised on-line reservation systems, referential media articles and on-line postings, by word of mouth etc., customer engagement innovation: innovation in how one fosters compelling interactions (e.g. personalization, experience simplification, process automation, mastery). 

The most significant feature of the business model is that make it is transferable. The transferable part is environmentally sustainable tourist offer using nature’s resources, partially or in a larger part self-sufficient establishment, creating local suppliers’ chain as much as it is possible, creating the authenticity of the product by offering the best of what country can offer and creating vertical and horizontal chains - in this case offering also other tourist (experience) offer using all of the available to create a rounded experience for the guest. Demonstrated achieved benefits outweigh investment costs by far. 

The business model has been recognised as successful also by an external body, authority (e.g. national business model competition) Recognition by the external body, authority has been dedicated to Garden Village by Spirit Slovenia, a public agency, Glamping hub’s greatest 2016, Certificate of Excellence 2015 Winner – Trip Advisor award, 2016 Travellers’ Choice Award – Trip advisor and Bled Tourist Association. 


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