Trakia University was on Monday, March 25th 2019 a place of the information day attended by 22 local stakeholders, including representatives from the university, faculty students, and regional businesses. The information day topic was dedicated to the INNOGROW project and innovation in SMEs rural areas, the problems that rural SMEs face in adoption of innovation, the barriers and enablers regarding the introducing of innovative business models in SMEs in rural areas and the actions in the action plan that SZREDA completed.

Venelin Dobrev from SZREDA gave the presentation about the INNOGROW project: the issues it addresses and the opportunities that SMEs in rural areas have by adopting innovation. A discussion about good case studies of Bulgarian SMEs in rural areas that have adopted innovation and the good results of the practices followed the presentation.

The main problems pointed out by the audience was the large amount of administrative requirements in the participation in some supporting programmes like which are about startups and SMEs in rural areas. The SZREDA team answered all the questions that were asked during the information day.