One day the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce receives a phone call. On the other end of the line, a very professional voice answers. It shows up. He is the Director of the online journal of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. The magazine's title is Planet PSR – Rural Development Policies. The Director explains that the newsletter puts news on the web with the service information on rural development. It is the magazine of the rural development. But he immediately came to the point and asked information on the INNOGROW Project of which he had already read something and was so intrigued that he wanted to deepen. The purpose? Publish an article on the objectives, the activities carried out up until then and the results achieved and to be achieved. At this point the Secretary General, realizing that it was an opportunity not to be missed, decided to entrust the management of this activity to the Project Manager of the project. Thus began the exchange of e-mail between the latter and the Director of the Journal. It turns out that the magazine plays a very important informative role in the Italian rural world. Indeed it intends to enhance not only agriculture as an economic activity, but also the new role of supplier of public goods, capable of creating employment and to play a decisive role in terms of environmental protection and territorial growth, with particular reference to rural areas. A role that the European Union has placed at the center of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for some years now and which it intends to strengthen also in the future with the next reform that will regulate European agriculture until 2020. The articles and services are inspired by news and current affairs that directly or indirectly involve the Rural Development Policy and the related Regional Programs. In the spotlight also the intense activity of the National Rural Network and the narration of the most significant case histories in Italy. The "Young branch" section, with which Pianeta Psr wants to contribute to the generational turnover, reporting stories of business success, testimonial of projects that have had the decisive leverage in the funds of the PS, is very important. Particular attention is paid to the development of the so-called "green economy" and the large chapter of related activities, whose role of diversification and integration of agricultural income has a strong anchoring precisely in the measures of the Psr. The thematic framework of the information is completed by also monothematic insights, published in the "Magazine RRN" quarterly annex of the Pianeta Psr newsletter. With this in mind, Pianeta Psr has the ambition to propose itself as a meeting point for farms, local authorities, trade organizations, trade unions and institutions - in a word, the so-called partnership - also open to the contribution of experts and opinion leaders to provide important points of view and interpretations to understand the socio-economic dynamics of agriculture and rural areas. The heart of the editorial staff is represented by the many managers, officials and collaborators of the National Rural Network, the real experts of this subject, whose main task will be to "translate" their professional knowledge into service information accessible to all. After the initial skepticism, collaboration with the newspaper begins and we decide to send an article about the INNOGROW project. An important moment of dissemination. So is important to write the right things. It is not possible to make a mistake. The newsletter is catchy, has beautiful graphics and interesting content. The article is sent. Some days later finally in newsletter number 70 this title appears: “Molise, INNOGROW: a tool to grow and make rural areas more competitive”. It was really a great satisfaction because the dissemination of the project exceeds finally the regional borders.