INNOGROW 5th partners’ project meeting

Pannon Novum West-Transnubian Regional Innovation Non-Profit Ltd, INNOGROW project partner, organised the 5th partners’ project meeting, from the 2nd to the 4th of July 2018, in Györ, Hungary.

Interregional workshop on supporting new business models for rural SMEs, on the first day, was a part of 3 day INNOGROW meeting in Györ. The event presented the opportunity for attending partners and external stakeholders to discuss the challenges of business model innovation for the companies in rural areas. The session addressing success factors of business model innovation with cases, was introduced by the host speakers: Roland Dancsecs, project manager at Pannon Novum, who was speaking about supporting innovation, Zoltan Kalcsu, project manager at Pannon Novum, presented successful local examples of rural SME’s innovation and Pörneczi Attila, from Szechenyi University presented the possibilities of drone use in the agricultural rural territories. Speakers in the session Innovation constrains and barriers for rural economy SMEs were Kalmárné Dr. Hollósi Erika, from Győr – Moson – Sopron County Chamber of Commerce speaking about their experiences on promoting innovation for rural SMEs. The session EU & international developments in the field of innovation hosted Carlo Palazzoli, from DG Lombardy region, who presented rural-urban partnerships and innovative good practices in the Metropolitan area of Milan.

In the afternoon the workshop on supporting new business models for rural SMEs was organised. In this session the EU & international developments in the field of innovation were presented by Cseke Bence, project manager for rural development in the field of tourism, Nagykanizsa Municipality, IE Rural Growth.  

The second day of the event, in the morning, partners focused on Recommendations for policy makers on business model innovation. In the session Policy recommendation for public authorities regarding the regulatory framework on innovation for rural SMEs the moderators of the interactive exchange of knowledge and speakers were Bodor Norbert from the Ministry of Finance State Secretariat for the EU resources, presenting The territorial and Settlement development Operational programme and Cseke Bence, from Development Agency of Nagykanizsa, IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd., presenting local agricultural logistics developments in Letenye. The second session in the morning was dedicated to Determinants of innovation in rural SMEs. Comparative analysis report on existing rural economy SMEs competitiveness policies was presented by Jeremy Phillipson from Newcastle University, Financial support and Leader program for rural development activities was presented by Inzsöl Renata, cluster manager at Local Product Cluster. A report on analysis of results from Public consultation meetings organised in partners’ regions for improving regional and national policies for supporting innovation driven competitiveness of rural SMEs was presented by Arturs Penčura, project manager at Zemgale Planning Region.

The afternoon of the second day tackled Factors that influence SMEs’ involvement in new coalitions. Interactive exercise session split participants in two groups in order to discuss specific topics raised during the previous presentation of the morning session. Later the activities continued with project implementation meeting, including the Policies recommendation report on the improvement of the existing policy measures.

Third day was dedicated to exchange of experience and consultation on the topic by site visit of rural SME Bio-textima, producing local products from fruits.