A tale with a happy end !

By Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency

Our story for this semester will be related to the study visit of the beautiful Italian city of Mantua. Since this is one of the best known regions for wine-making we decided to invite one of the best wine makers in Bulgaria – the family that owns one of the best boutiques wine brands in our country. We called them up and arranged all the details related to the meeting.

As all adventures this had its ups and downs as well. During our flight to Bologna we had to make a change in flights in Munich where we had a delay in our flight which really messed up the entire travel plan that we had. We arrived late in the city but we had a quite an experience in changing flights and trains before we arrived in our final destination.

During the meeting and the study visit we had really interesting visits in different local businesses but this time the weather was not on our side – most of the time it was raining and it was windy which, however did not manage to cause any harm to the good mood of the partners and the stakeholders.

Our stakeholders made some arrangements for meetings with local wine makers in order to exchange experiences and ideas but most of them were cancelled by the locals due to a lot of work. But in the end it all turned out perfectly. On the last place of the study visit our local stakeholders were delighted with the makers of jam that we visited and they had the unique idea to import jam made in Italy that is made from their raspberry wine. And this is how our Italian tale finished with a happy end.