A beautiful, human and professional experience

By Chamber of Commerce of Molise

The stakeholders meetings are an opportunity to meet the main regional actors. But it is above all an opportunity for operators to meet and know each other: business owners, representatives of Associations, Bodies or Institutions, University. During the meetings, unexpected experiences, professions and professionalism, surprises are discovered….

After each meeting, always animated by enthusiasm, proposals and exchanges of opinions and above all the desire to be able to improve and innovate, attendees continues their conversations starting exchange tickets business cards and phone numbers ...

So a close-knit and cohesive group follows a single objective: to offer a further possibility to local businesses through a decisive and effective political intervention.

And then there is the human aspect: people involved go beyond work and generates.

It is what happened ….

The study visit to Mantua, organized by FLA, on 22nd and 23rd February 2017, was attended by the following 4 stakeholders: Monica Perrella, from Caseificio Barone, Paola Buondonno of CoNaProA (National Consortium Apistic Producers) and finally Ignazio Catauro e Nestore Mogavero of ACLI Terre, (national professional agricultural association, non-profit organization, operating in the rural world, throughout Italy, to support the development of people and territories).

So the adventure began…

Starting each one from their own municipality, they reached the two members of the Chamber staff in Mantua. Monica and Paola travelled on a train and Nestor Ignatius on another one. During the journey they got to know each other well or better.

Histories of hard and tiring work commitment and life stories…

Monica, a young businesswoman who is organizing her wedding for April 7th! But this journey is important for her ... she desires to visit companies in the dairy sector and to meet with her colleagues in Northern Italy in order to exchange knowledge and experience since she also manages with her family a diary founded by his grandfather in 1960. Today, the Barone Dairy is operated and managed by the third generation, and it invests heavily in research and innovation continuing to be preserved and guided by the precious inherited family tradition.

Barone Dairy developed, for instance, an innovative project in cooperation with the University and other SMEs, named "InLatte", which deals with whey reuse, a scrap very impactful in the environment, that opportunely treated can be reused as food for cows.

Paola, an architect with a great passion for bees who has overwhelmed everyone ... she is responsible for management of CoNaProA (National Consortium Apistic Producers) and recently, after a long and demanding training course, she has created her apiary, namely the place where Apis mellifera bee hives are placed. The honey she produces is organic and of very high quality. But how much effort ... 12 hours a day at work!

From the detailed description of the construction of the apiary (done with her hands) and the daily care of the bees, it is clear the great passion for this work to which she dedicates all her time. So that each of us at some point thought: I would like to have a beehive to and eat honey every day !!!

Paola continually thinks about her bees but she wants to meet other European entrepreneurs to exchange best practices and ideas…

And then there are Nestore and Ignazio, the two men of the group! Respectively President and Acli Terra official, the Association which operates in the rural world, throughout Italy, taking care of people and territories.

They strongly wanted to be present at the Study Visit to testify their work and change experiences with the European partners of the Project and their Stakeholders. And they were successful …

At Politecnico di Milano, Mincio Park they met the Bulgarian stakeholder, an entrepreneur in the wine sector. It was an interesting meeting.

Ignazio is a historian and a journalist ... nothing escapes him!

During the two days of work the Italian delegation visited 6 companies ... each with its history, things and people ... and e-mail and telephone numbers were exchanged. During the journey, between one photo and another, the relationship with partners and their stakeholders was continuous.

Even Angela Colucci, professor of the Polytechnic of Milan, who collaborates with FLA, is interested in the bees ... and then in the hall after hours and hours of walking, Paola explains how to build an apiary and how to take it, Ignazio and Nestore think about the article that will write for Acli to return to Molise, Monica think to the mechanical process of collecting the milk in the visited factory and that caught her attention while the rest of the delegation is considering how to invest in the project the baggage of know-how acquired.


All tired but happy to have lived this experience together...