Learning by sharing

Interreg Europe Programme, organized a Thematic Workshop on SME Internationalisation, on the on the 30th of June in Brussels.

The Thematic Workshop on SME Internationalisation was one of the events of Interreg Europe policy learning platforms as an accelerator for the regional development. The aim of the workshop was to share challenges and problems that are more or less common to all in the European Union and the solutions and tools to solve them that might be different for each of the regions. The bottom up approach of sharing the knowledge helps the Programme tackle the issues more efficiently and achieve results faster. The Innogrow project and the experience of the event were represented by Rumyana Grozeva, PhD, our project partner from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. We invite you to learn more about the event, in the following link you can find presentations, a video and photos: https://cloud.inno-projects.net/index.php/s/CpKidfL5ANLL4OW