Project good practices

Knauf Insulation Experience Center

Summary: Regional Demonstration and Education Centre for sustainable construction and living and the first Slovene DGNB Certified building.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Knifes for life: an experience from Como Lake rural area

Summary: Premax is an export Consortium of 35 SMEs located in Premana (LC), a small town in the mountains and a marshallian district producing scissors and knives.

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Goose not to be lose: innovation in rural areas

Summary: Oca Sforzesca s.r.l. is a start-up that produces 100% goose cured meats, following traditional Lombard recipes and with an evolved system of traceability.

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

RichWater project - Technologies for utilization of water...

Summary: Combined technology for waste water treatment and reuse in agriculture, developed under Horizon 2020 program.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

VirtualVet - a digital portal for breeders in Ireland

Summary: The VirtualVet platform helps farmers build a synchronised drug-book, compliance.

Location: Southern and Eastern, Ireland (Éire)

Awards in the contest "Modern farm"

Summary: Within the "Future Leaders in Agriculture" campaign, nominations for a modern Bulgarian farm were organized.

Location: Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)

International awards "Innovative ideas and technologies in...

Summary: UNIDO ITPO Italy and Future Food Institute organize the third edition of the International Awards for Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness.

Location: Lazio, Italy (Italia)

Mobile Application helps farmers improve soil fertility on their...

Summary: Through the mobile application created within the project iSQAPER, farmers can get advice on how to preserve and improve the health of the soil they process.

Location: Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)


Summary: MyAgry is a digital platform through which users can create their own remote garden, follow the cultivation and then receive products obtained from the harvest.

Location: Molise, Italy (Italia)

Domus Area

Summary: DOMUS AREA is like a hub, a complex of different activities focusing on Health, Wellness, Medicine, Hospitality, Agro Tourism and Novel crops Officinal Plants.

Location: Molise, Italy (Italia)

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