Project Events

Regional stakeholders meeting for the action plans


The Innogrow 5th Regional Stakeholder Meeting will be organised by Chamber of...

Type: Project

4th INNOGROW stakeholder meeting in Bulgaria


SZREDA will organise the 4th INNOGROW stakeholder meeting to discuss the idea of...

Type: Project

INNOGROW study visit in Mantova, Italy

22/02/2018 - 23/02/2018

FLA will organize on 22nd and 23rd February the first study visit of INNOGROW to...

Type: Project

4th INNOGROW partners' meeting

21/02/2018 - 23/02/2018

Lombardy Foundation for the Environment hosts from the 21st to 23rd of February...

Type: Project

Molise 4th INNOGROW Stakeholder Meeting


The 4th Stakeholder Meeting in Molise, Italy will assess the performance of...

Type: Project

MINVERVA Webinar: agribusinesses in the EU-Japan era


EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in Brussels and Stara Zagora Regional...

Type: Project

3rd Lombardy stakeholders meeting


The Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA) will hold their 3rd INNOGROW...

Type: Project

Stara Zagora workshop on stimulating innovation!

09/06/2017 - 08/06/2017

Here is a welcome kit for the Interregional workshop on stimulating innovative...

Type: Project


17/03/2017 - 18/03/2017

BSC, Ltd. is organizing a public consultation workshop within the event New...

Type: Project

Workshop on innovation hubs, Italy

02/03/2017 - 03/03/2017

Lombardy Foundation for the Environment, Italy is organizing an interregional...

Type: Project