Project News

Local Action Plan Badajoz, Spain - Approved


The Local Action Plan and Pilot Action proposed by the Diputacion de Badajoz,...

Type: Project

Local Action Plan Gelderland, NL - Approved


The Local Action Plan proposed by the Province of Gelderland, Netherlands,...

Type: Project

Local Action Plan & Pilot Action Romania - Approved


The Local Action Plan and Pilot Action proposed by the National Institute for...

Type: Project

Local Action Plan Flanders, Belgium - Approved


The Local Action Plan proposed by Hogeschool Gent for the region of Flanders...

Type: Project

Learning Report Study Visit Flanders


The learning report of the online study visit to Flanders was published. Read...

Type: Project

More Resilient, Post-Pandemic Heritage


Interviews with partners gave insights into the project impact as well as the...

Type: Project

Online Study Visit to Flanders


Originally planned to take place in May 2020, a study visit to Flanders was...

Type: Project

Resilient Heritage, Cohesive Society Webinar


Together with FINCH and SHARE projects, and OMC chair Innocastle organized a...

Type: Project

The Innocastle Mid-term Conference


The Innocastle Mid-term Conference took place online on the 24th of September...

Type: Project

The Innocastle Baseline Survey


The Innocastle Baseline Survey is published! Have a look at the identified...

Type: Project

Policy recommendations for rural estates in Europe


As part of the Interreg Europe funded project Innocastle, a baseline survey has...

Type: Project

Webinar on Good practices from Flanders, Belgium


The focus of the webinar was on local projects, and how they are connected with...

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