Innocastle partners will soon have their next study visit in Gelderland, the Netherlands, between the 25th and the 28th of June. The full program can be found here


Photo: Erwin Zijlstra.


Tours and knowledge exchange

The first day will kick off with a guided tour in Arhnem’s Rozet and the heritage center of Gelderland. On the 26th of June, the partners and stakeholders will visit several estates across Gelderland during a coach tour. Estates like Hackfort, Reuversweerd and De Wiersse will be home for the day to tours, small presentations and discussions about restoration, heritage tourism, sustainable solutions or historic park management and climate change adaptation.


Photo: Erwin Zijlstra.


Symposium on conservation and development of castles

On the 27th of June, a symposium on conservation and development of castles, country houses and landed estates, will be held in Arnhem together with stakeholders from Gelderland. Live updates will be shared via Twitter throughout the day. The afternoon will have 6 parallel work sessions on different themes of great relevance for the Innocastle project:

  • Climate adaptation and landscape design (workshop by TU Delft);
  • Heritage tourism and spatial quality (workshop by Gelderland Trust);
  • Spatial fragmentation and multiple-ownership (workshop by Gelderland Society);
  • Policy and the role of governments (workshop by Gelderland Society);
  • Tourism and events at Sonsbeek estate (walk by Municipality of Arnhem);
  • Public country estates in Arnhem (walk by Advisory Group Sonsbeek, Zypendaal and Gulden Bodem estates).


Photo: Erwin Zijlstra.


Slow tourism

The trip will end on the 28th of June with a Dutch slow-tourism experience, cycling among Arnhem’s country houses to the Rosendael castle for the final thematic seminar addressing the spatial approach chosen by Province of Gelderland in relation to heritage tourism, climate adaptation and spatial fragmentation. Transport alternatives are of course available for those who are not able to or prefer not to cycle.


The Innocastle consortium is looking forward to exploring the very interesting good practices in the Netherlands. During the first stakeholder meeting in Gelderland, the participants identified as many as 25 good practices! Read more about an interesting study performed in Gelderland on the benefits of investing in castles, manors and estates.


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