Project Events

Online Study Visit Flanders

02/11/2020 - 06/11/2020

The future of historic castles, manors and estates, and their relationship to...

Type: Project

EU Week of Regions and Cities – Virtual Session


A joint panel discussion will be organised online during the EU Week of Regions...

Type: Project

Mid-term conference Innocastle


The mid-term conference of Innocastle will take place on 24 September 2020,...

Type: Project

Study Visit Spain

04/11/2019 - 07/11/2019

The next Innocastle study visit will take place in the Extramadura region of...

Type: Project

Innocastle at Beyond the Obvious Conference

23/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Beyond the Obvious (BtO) addresses cultural practices in non-urban territories...

Type: Project

Innocastle at Heritage Houses for Europe Conference


Innocastle was present at the Heritage Houses for Europe conference on 24...

Type: Project

Study Visit Gelderland

25/06/2019 - 28/06/2019

The Province of Gelderland will organize a study visit on 25-28 June 2019. More...

Type: Project

Study Visit Wales

20/05/2019 - 23/05/2019

The second Innocastle study visit will take place in Wales. It will explore...

Type: Project

Kick off conference


The kick-off event of Innocastle will introduce the project and launch the first...

Type: Project

First Partner Meeting

26/06/2018 - 28/06/2018

The kick-off partner meeting for Innocastle will take place on 26-28 June 2018...

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