R&D&I Portfolio for SMEs – creating sustainable impact on SMEs’ innovation activities and the commercialisation of R&D results.

The aim of the project was to document projects of companies with a strong connection to R&D activities. Within the first talks it turned out that a broader concept of innovation should be used. Therefore the “types of innovation” according to the Oslo definition were used for other portfolios: product and service innovations; process innovations, marketing and organizational innovations.

With this expansion of the terminology, it is possible to get a more comprehensive impression of the future development directions of the company! Further the originally intended "Technology Readiness Levels" (TRLs) have been replaced by "Innovation Readiness Levels" (IRLs) (

Final structure of R&D&I-Portfolio:

In the course of 41 discussions with companies, 123 innovation projects were recorded. 41 references to funding opportunities were given. 14 companies were informed of approaches to cooperate with other TIP customers and / or R&D institutions.