Interregional Learning Workshop in Sofia (Bulgaria)

The 2nd Interregional Learning Workshop took place in 14th, 15th and 16th September in Sofia, Bulgaria, city of the partners Sofia Development Association and Applied Research and Communications Fund. In the focus of the Workshop were the two Peer Review Workshops for the policy instruments of Sofia and Lower Austria as well as the Study Visit.

The Peer Review Workshop of Lower Austria dealt with two measures of the policy instrument “Instrument: ERDF Programme Investment in Growth and Jobs Austria 20142020, Investment Priority 1(b) R&I Investments/Synergies”: Business R&D and Technology Transfer Projects, Lower Austrian state aid scheme „Research and Development – R&D” and Innovation Coaching and Support, TIP Technology Innovation Partners Lower Austria.

On the afternoon of the first day partners visited the Muzeiko museum and the Sofia Tech Park.

As for the Peer Review workshop for Sofia, which took place on the second day, it dealt with the policy instrument “Sofia Public-Private Fund for Innovations” (SFI), measure “Testing models, alternative or additional to the measures supported by Structural Funds, for fostering innovation in Sofia”.

The partnership also had the opportunity to discuss the applied methodology/procedure/results of the two Peer Review workshops for Sofia and Lower Austria.

After the workshops, West Transdanubia has presented the methodology guideline and tool for collection and description of Good Practices, as its task leader. Later, the communication Manager FUESCYL, has given a complete overview over the elaborated communication strategy, the communication journal and the numerous communication instruments.

The last day was reserved for the current status of the project and its financial management issues.