Study visits are part of the interregional learning workshop in InnoBridge project and provide possibility to let insight to the targeted policy instrument by the hosts. Hungarian study visit took place in June 2017.

The visit was to Szechenyi Istvan University Campus area in Győr where R&D infrastructures and some cases of university-industry cooperation with SMEs and large companies were introduced for project partners and their stakeholders. The university offers unique training and research in the region, which serves primarily the engineering focused production activities (vehicle engineering, transportation and telecommunication), building on the West-Transdanubian economy and its social and institutional environment.

West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Exhibition and Invention Fair has been organized at the university campus area in every April since 2010 with showcase of innovations, innovative solutions (products, processes, technologies) and an excellent combination of knowledge technology and innovation distribution on regional level.


Cooperation Centre for Upper Education and Industry will be established at the Szechenyi Istvan University in the upcoming years to create knowledge and foster innovation. The new centre will provide added value for the companies with the meeting point, strategic partnership, competitive R&D infrastructures, development opportunities and international experts.

Mobilis Science Centre is also located at the campus area and this is the first science centre in Europe focusing on motion, mobility and automotive industry opened in 2012. The main exhibition area (about 1200 sq. metres) of Mobilis offers 74 interactive exhibits all related to increasing the understanding of more complex phenomena related to vehicles, the automotive industry, transportation, mobility and motion.

The centre is a long-term tool for regional economic development. Mission is experience-based learning – “making science fun” with the aim of raising and deepening interest, orientation towards STEM and technical-scientific careers. The centre provides interactive workshops for both elementary schools and high schools students and has innovative guidance activities (roadshow at schools, development of interactive exhibits, organizing competitions between the best engineering teams, mentor program, LEGO-robots, etc.) with companies as well to strengthen the regional and SME’s competitiveness.