The first capacity building workshop was held on 15th of November 2017 during the 6th Interregional Learning Workshop, hosted by FUESCYL. It dealt with the 21 (Good) Practice cases pre-selected in the former interregional learning workshops aiming to have deeper knowledge on that. The one-day workshop took place in form of face-to-face bi- or multilateral speed dates in which the individual questions raised by the project partners and their stakeholders were answered by the representatives of GP promoter regions. All in all the organized 10 speed-dating rounds tackled with 103 questions link with 18 practice cases with the involvement of 8 partner regions and more than 25 participants.

The event gave valuable inputs for the Action Plans through learning from GPs that are of relevance – having valuable elements - to integrate or import. Furthermore, the workshop supported the final selection process on Good Practices.

Based on the first draft of Good Practice Report (including the descriptions of pre-selected cases) and the information received during the workshop the task was to make the final decision by project partners and stakeholders on the GPs by the end of the day considering the four evaluation criteria defined in the methodology manual earlier (Strategic relevance and innovation; Impact on the community and efficiency; Sustainability; Transferability). Evaluation sheets of all pre-selected Good Practices were posted on a board and were ready to receive the votes during the whole day. The Practice was selected as Good if it got the minimum 5 out of 7 scores related to each criteria.

Finally, as a result of the evaluation, all 21 pre-selected Practices were approved as Good Practice which are the followings:

• TIP Innovation Profiling (Lower Austria)

• Creative Pre-Incubator Program Lower Austria (Lower Austria)

• Competence Mapping (Lower Austria)

• National Contest for discovery and popularisation of successful innovation models and partnerships (InnoAwards) (Bulgaria)

• Sofia Public-Private Fund for Innovations (Sofia)

• Public and media outreach and promotion service at Sofia Fund for Innovations (Sofia)

• Malopolska Innovation Festival (Malopolska)

• Working Groups for Małopolska Smart Specialisations (Malopolska)

• FabLab EvoraTech (Alentejo)

• Market-oriented Prototypes Programme (Castilla y León)

• University-Business Challenge Contest (Castilla y León)

• Entrepreneurial Campus Contest (Castilla y León)

• Tredea Innovation Voucher (Tampere Region)

• Business Development with Open Data (Tampere Region)

• Kampusareena – a new hub of science, research and technology at the heart of the Tampere University of Technology (Tampere Region)

• Situational Picture of Innovation (Tampere Region)

• Highly Qualified Personnel (South Tyrol)

• Start-up capitalization (South Tyrol)

• Excellent industry-academy cooperation (West Transdanubia, Hungary)

• Mentor Club (West Transdanubia, Hungary)

• West-Transdanubian Innovation Exhibition and Invention Fair (West Transdanubia)

Pannon Novum as the leader of Good Practice Work Package would like to congratulate the GP promoter regions and owners and thank you all InnoBridge project partners for your effort and support in collection and selection of Practices!