The workshop was organized by Valencia C.F. in the Mestalla Stadium, home of the valencian football club.

Jorge García, Marketing director at Valencia C.F, gave a talk on “1919-2019: marketing opportunities for the centenary of Valencia C.F.” while Christian Schneider, Facilities and Operations Director at Valencia C.F., delivered a presentatio on “Planning, management and maintenance of V.C.F. sports facilities”.

“The social, environmental and economic sustainability of sports facilities, in adequate conditions of safety and functionality, has a high cost. It is necessary to improve their comprehensive management, increase their efficiency and have new solutions that require less maintenance” affirms Enrique Alcantara, Sports Innovation Director at IBV, who particpated in the workshop.

Marc Merchén Alba, Dircetor of Palco 23, the media leader in economic Information of sport business, gave a lecture on “The importance of being informed in the sports sector”.

“In the sports sector you have to run as much as you can to be competitive”, continues Alcantara.

Finally, Javier Sánchez Lacuesta, Director of the Instituto de Biomecanica gave a presentation on “Innovation in Sports”.

“We adapt our knowledge and technology to provide companies with tools and methodologies that are simple and affordable, easily integrable into their daily lives and their different business models”, explains Sánchez, “This allows them to drive innovation and develop new products and services on their own at the speed and flexibility that the market demands of them to maintain a sustained competitive advantage over time.”

A fruitful discussion took place about strategic initiatives led by IBV, such as Inno4sports and ClusSport, for sports innovation promotion: both iniciatives work together to find new synergies.

The potentials of Sport ecosystems have started to have been recognized at EU level as drivers for innovation and growth with a high potential for cross-sectoral spill-overs and interlinkages with various societal and economic fields. ClusSport and Inno4Sport both aim at improving the innovation ecosystem by influencing policy. “Inno4Sport supports regions to influence and create bottom up policy instruments based on stakeholders’ needs”, concludes Alcantara.

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