The Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) is doing what it can to help during the corona outbreak. The Valencian organization is part of a team in Spain that has developed 3D printed mechanical ventilators for hospitals.

In these difficult times IBV has taken part in the team at the UPV (Polytechnical University of Valencia) that has developed the mechanical ventilators. IBV has been in charge of the mechanical design and 3D printing. The ventilator has been developed in just 10 days.

Respiratory insufficiency is one of the symptoms linked to COVID-19. It is believed that between 3% and 7% of people infected with the virus will require mechanical ventilation systems. “The device is easy to produce and there are some companies waiting for the approval from the medical authorities to produce it”, says Enrique Alcantara of IBV. 

Help people exercise at home

IBV is also part of an initiative from the professional associations of sports licensees and of sports managers. Together they help people of all ages exercise at home properly. The initiative is supported by regional departments of sports and public health.

In the coming days IBV will also create a platform with resources to help people exercise, buy online and control their body shape. 

Photo: Wikimedia Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia