Long road travelled since the INKREASE project was launched in April of 2016. From then on, we can say that the seven regions involved in this exciting project shared and provided their best practices, successful cases and (why not?) their blunders in regards to innovative practices implemented on each region. This turned into a valuable experience which provides guidance and mentoring when designing and adding new innovative actions into our mother regional ecosystems.

ADItech Technology Corporation had the honor to better know the core of European scenarios of innovation, their configuration and subsequent management of the regions participating, through the interregional events celebrated in Bologna (Italy), Rennes (France), Pamplona (Spain), Sankt Pölten (Austria), Aarhus (Denmark), Sárvár (Hungary) and Vilnius (Lithuania). These events were the seed for ideation and mimicking of actions with application in Navarra region. No in vain, some of these territories share similar priority areas with those established in our regional RIS3.

As remarkable result of this project, along with the interregional events, the staff exchange inspired the creation of the Scientific Infrastructure and Equipment Share System of Navarra (SIESS). This was selected by the Corporation as the Action Plan to be implanted and monitored within the project. SIESS is an online catalogue-like able to show the capacity of Navarra innovation agents. This lets R&D entities to share infrastructures and equipment for research and development purposes, envisaging increasing collaboration between them and importantly, saving cost for the society avoiding duplicity of equipment.

Not only we have absorbed knowledge and experience from others, but also from Navarra we tried to do our best by showing our Tractor Projects, Navarra´s Good Practice for INKREASE. This is a successful funding scheme of the management of R&D regional funds with a focus on approach to market needs, seeking tangible and exploitable R&D results. Research Centres and Universities obtain regional funds in those projects where companies find a solution or an improvement in their products and marketable solutions.

To close the circle of innovation exchange, the study visits let us to connect with partners and detected common necessities to establish further collaborations to be developed after the end of this Interreg project, keeping alive the already conformed cooperation between regions and institutions.

Finally, at regional level, the learning camps in Navarra achieved mobilize more than thirty stakeholders. Besides, several actions with society as main target were importantly carried out. From the conception of innovative ideas to the transference to the market, all these key issues were addressed through the three designed events.


To sum up Navarra´s experience en INKREASE, we …

• INKREASE our European network of collaborators to boost long-term cooperation between different R&D international actors.

• INKREASE our innovative capacity by inspiring with success cases from other European regions.

• INKREASE our knowledge of methodologies and guidelines to be followed when implementing innovative actions in our regional ecosystem.

• INKREASE the collaboration between our regional research and business communities.

• INKREASE the knowledge of society about the actions related to innovation developed in the region.  

• INKREASE the visibility, at international level, of the activities carried out in our region and put forward the capacity to address new R&D actions.

• INKREASE the fun of all participants when meeting fantastic professionals with multidisciplinary background, innovative vision and open-minded!


We can only say … it was a pleasure to take place on this fantastic project and hope to see you all on the way! ;)  

Image: Pictures illustrating the main actions carried out in Navarra under INKREASE project: the development of the Action Plan, the learning camps, the interregional events, the study visits and the staff exchanges.