After the overwhelming success of the sell-out 1st Learning Camp with Antonella Broglia, an innovative awakening process was induced in attendees … opening doors to the 2nd Learning Camp aimed at reaching a robust collaboration between research centres, universities and industry, indeed, by the majority of innovation agents this was pointed out as the real "Achilles' heel" of innovation chains. This second event took place during the 5th Edition of the Meeting between Professionals from Research and Technology Centres and was focused on Agrifood and Biomedicine sectors.  

Agrifood is one of the most important sectors in Navarra, with a long tradition, made up of more than 1270 companies and 25000 employees. The sector represents 6.6% of the region’s GDP and 14% of its industrial GDP. While Biomedicine, is an emerging sector acting as one of the most dynamic network in Spain, with more than 400 researchers from over 20 countries and receiving annual investments of more than 20 million euros.

At the current stage of the INKREASE project, it is well-known and long-established fact that its essence goes through increment the capabilities of the various innovative ecosystems, reinforce the collaboration between research and business communities and exploit the results. Based on these three pillars, ADItech Technology Corporation initially designed a roadmap scheduled on three key phases covered themselves by the three Learning Camps: “Innovative Awakening” (1st Learning Camp) – “Undertake Collaboration” (2nd Learning Camp) – “Go toward the Industry Transference” (3rd Learning Camp).

In this 2nd Learning Camp - “Undertake Collaboration” - internationally speakers such as Pauline Boudin from ACTA (France) and the Professor Marta Alarcón from GENYO (Spain) - one of the first Spanish-speaking woman coordinating an Innovative Medicines Initiative project funded with more than 22M€ by the EU Commission - were in charge of sharing their wide experience as innovator agents, generating thus an exciting debate on good and malpractice when searching for new collaborators, what we can expect from an active and concerned partner and how to manage big consortiums with different types of institutions.

All this resulted in a challenging meeting, full of interesting experiences which made this event as an excellent example of how to boost the implementation of innovation though collaboration!

In terms of regional relevance of the INKREASE project’s actions, it has been a successful case. The activity counted with the attendee of representatives from all research and technology centres as well as agents from both universities of Navarra.

Above all outputs, in terms of INNOVATION …

We can say that the seed of innovation is growing through the trunk of collaboration!