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Lower Austria: perspective of competence mapping


The Learning Camp of Lower Austria occured the 26th February and dealt with...

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Visit of Spanish delegation at the Bretagne's stand


In the wake of the 1st INKREASE learning camp in Rennes, a Spanish delegation...

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Study visit about Sailing activities


A delegation from Bretagne met Sailing Aarhus during the last INKREASE...

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Account about the session in Aarhus


From the 28th to 29th of November 2017 the INKREASE partners and local...

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Techno and Innocamp: learning camp in Hungary


A learning camp was organized on November 15th about new technologies.

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Competence Mapping: learning camp in Low Austria


Lower Austria technology management is member of LISA (Life Science Austria). A...

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Learning camp in Emilia-Romagna


A learning camp was organised last 26. september in Reggio Emilia about...

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Learning camp in Lithuania


On September 21-22 the international seminar "Creating an Effective Innovation...

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Learning camp in Brittany


Brittany organized an INKREASE Learning Camp on 21 september with the...

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Learning camp in Emilia-Romagna


The next learning camp of the Emilia-Romagna Region will take place in Reggio...

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Agenda - Interregional session in Lower Austria


The 3rd interregional Event will be held on 3-4 July 2017 in St. Pölten and...

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"Emilia-Romagna is pragmatic"


Guillaume Briend, responsible for industry of the future projects in Bretagne...

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