Project News

Lower Austria: INKREASE report in "Chemiereport"


The ECOPLUS agency has recently released a report in the life science journal...

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Digitalization House event in Lower Austria


The House of Digitalization project will be presented during a dedicated event,...

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Online consultation in Bretagne


The online public consultation has been launched in Bretagne the 10th July.

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The ADITECH Action Plan


The ADITECH online consultation process started last 15th March, together with...

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Second step for the NOE 2.0 network


A Local SK Group meeting was held on 1st June 2018 to go forward regarding the...

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Towards a more collaborative research


The 2nd Learning Camp in Navarra was focused on research and innovative culture.

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To Facilitate industry and science collaborations


On 19th April 2018 a Learning camp was organised by Aster to introduce in the...

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Implementing LEAN approach into innovation ecosystem


On March 29th, a learning camp about LEAN approach into innovation ecosystem...

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Digitalization of Bretagne's economy


A staff exchange was held in Rennes to share good practices regarding...

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INKREASE at the S3 event on industrial modernisation


The meeting will take place in Rovaniemi (Finland) and gather the leaders of the...

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Cross-sectorial innovation Learning Camp in Bretagne


The workshop dealt with cross-sectorial innovation and was focused on...

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Towards a better Bretagne's companies support


In the wake of the last learning camp, the main issue of the meeting in Bretagne...

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