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Inkrease Mid-Term Conference - Bologna


Closing the phase 1 of Inkrease project, a conference will be held in Bologna on...

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Navarra towards a more innovative regional ecosystem


Long road travelled since the INKREASE project was launched in April of 2016....

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Mid-term conference: Regional Innovation Ecosystems


The INKREASE mid-term conference will be held in Bologna, the 26th March 2018....

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Collaboration agreement


From Lower Austria to Emilia-Romagna to sign a collaboration agreement with the...

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Great success for the last learning camp (Rennes)


The last INKREASE learning camp was held in Rennes during the "360 Possibles"...

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Open Consultation Process in Bretagne


The INKREASE Local Meeting Group has been held in Rennes the 15. November 2018...

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Learning Camp in Vilnius


The last INKREASE Learning Camp will be held on 27th of November in Vilnius.

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Interdisciplinarity and biomimicry in Rennes


The 3. INKREASE learning camp will be held in Rennes, on 28th and 29th November...

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Photos of the Vilnius interregional session


The photos of the 2 days-INKREASE session are now online, in the Library.

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Exchanging experiences on Cluster management


On the 27th September 2028 Modena Technopole hosted the 3rd Emilia-Romagna...

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The video of Sarvar's INKREASE session is online!


The final video of the INKREASE interregional session hosted in Sarvar is now...

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INKREASE online compaign in Hungary


The Pannon Business Network (PBN) launched its INKREASE online compaign to...

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