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Cooperation for better Destination Management


What makes a destination management policy more effective? Destination SMEs...

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Cork County Council - A dissemination event


Cork County Council recently hosted an awareness event about the project and...

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Ministry for Gozo - approved the Pilot Action


The Ministry for Gozo is pleased to announce that the Interreg Europe monitoring...

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The PP met in Amsterdam to share the progresses


At one year from the beginning of the second phase, the Project Partners met in...

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Destination SMEs project study visit to Slovenia


During study visit in Slovenia "Destination SMEs" partners learned about public...

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Exploring tourism practices in North Karelia


In December 2017 Destination SMEs partners went to North Karelia, Finland, to...

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Good Practices showcased in Cork


Destination SMes project: policy learning in Destination Management moves to...

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Destination Gran Paradiso


Destination SMEs partners met in Italy from 29 May to 1 June 2017 in the Gran...

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Discovering the Vidzeme tourism destinations


Coming back from the 3rd "Destination SMEs" study trip to Vidzeme (Latvia): the...

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Destination SMEs video newsletter is ready!


Have a look at the first video newsletter of the Interreg Europe Destination...

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First stakeholder group meeting in North Karelia


Tourism destination management discussed in North Karelia during the first...

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First stakeholders group meeting in Vidzeme Region


The Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia), one of the partners of the Destination...

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