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Business opportunities linked to dependent ageing


SILVER SMEs organised its third international conference on February 5 and 6,...

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What does an Age-Friendly rural town look like?


Alongside the 3rd conference of SILVER SMEs, held in Cork in February 2020,...

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Fruitful discussions with stakeholders in Lille


In order to share the progress of our SILVER SMEs project, a third stakeholder...

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SILVER SMEs publishes its 5th newsletter!


SILVER SMEs publishes its 5th newsletter!

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SMEs opportunities for fragile & vulnerable elders


SILVER SMEs held its second international conference on October 24, 2019, in...

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Active and Healthy Ageing in cities and regions


A session on “Active and Healthy Ageing in cities and regions” was organised on...

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Meeting with Birgitta Sacrédeus, member of the CoR


During the 136th plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR),...

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The CoR adopts an opinion on Active & Healthy Ageing


On October 8th 2019, during its 136th plenary session, the European Committee of...

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Second conference on the Silver Economy!


SILVER SMEs invites you to its second international conference "Business...

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Read SILVER SMEs’ Summer newsletter!


Did you know that about 75% of our interviewees think older adults in our...

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3 minutes to understand SILVER SMEs


What is SILVER SMEs’ aim? What are the current challenges for the Silver Economy...

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Meet Victoria Tortosa, from La Exclusiva


Spain is among the European countries with the highest share of people aged 80...

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