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RRDA & OSS at Virtual Expo 2020


On October 6-8, 2020, the Podkarpackie Virtual Expo 2020 fair was held at the...

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Another Good Practices Approved


07.10.2020: I am glad to welcome another Good Practices in the team of these...

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Bulgarian Cohon of Innovation welcomes new members


After a selection process among 167 start-ups and young companies, Innovation...

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European Week of Regions and Cities Registration


There are only 3 days to register for the event European Week of Regions and...

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Virtual Expo 2020


Lots of events are taking place online because of the world pandemic situation....

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Tool from Bulgarian startup


I hope you already have register to the EU Regions and Cities Week. If you...

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590 Congress


Do you remember the event that is titled 590 Congress? Last year, that was a...

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Innovative-oldschool record player


Do you think it is possible to join together oldschool and innovation? Sometimes...

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...


WiseGlass is a startup that started its operation in Technological Pre-Incubator...

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Covid-19 tests from Polish startup


Covid-19 pandemic still takes control over the whole world. Everyone try tofight...

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We'll be there!


Well, It's been a while since I informed al of our fans, friends and supporters...

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Babylon Health


We're going to have another online Partnership meeting soon. For now, I'd like...

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