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WINPOL Leaflet also in Greek


The WINPOL Leaflet is now also available in Greek.

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WINPOL Leaflet now available in Spanish


Discover WINPOL in one glance thanks to the WINPOL Leaflet, now available in...

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What’s next until November 2019


After two semesters spent on gathering information about the situation on...

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Targeted communication events kick-off


WINPOL got local with the first communication events taking place on partner...

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Stakeholders give their first contributions


Members of the Stakeholder Groups got into the substance of the project during a...

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The Green Week 2019 takes the initiative


What are the challenges related to applying EU environmental legislation? Which...

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WINPOL Thematic Seminar's presentations now online


How waste management benefits from the use of data? Presentations from the...

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PlastiCircle: from waste to valuable resources


Twenty European partners are working to reinvent the plastic packaging treatment...

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How waste management benefits from the use of data?


Discover the outcomes of the first thematic seminar of the WINPOL project...

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Upgrading waste management infrastructure in Malta


The concept of separate collection has recently evolved in Malta thanks to the...

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Snaga, boosting circular economy in Slovenia


More than 58,000 tonnes of municipal waste are collected yearly by Snaga and...

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Maribor discusses the future of waste management


Snaga hold an event on 17 April 2019 discussing the future of waste in Maribor.

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