Did you know that the Policy Learning Platform offers a policy helpdesk service? Whether you are struggling with a specific question like the low-emission plans in the National Energy and Climate Plan of your country; or perhaps you are facing a bigger regional challenge such as to design and launch the opening of a creative hub? The Policy Learning Platform is here to support you! 

Discover how the policy helpdesk functions and how you can make use of it in this video: 

Our policy helpdesk aims to guide you through any type of regional policy related questions and challenges you might be facing. Depending on the field of interest and type of request, a network of experts provide you with personalised guidance to overcome your challenges. 

The guidance can consist of several resources and activities: 

  • Webinar recordings and possibility to request a webinar topic
  • Policy briefs and research papers 
  • Good practices from peers across Europe 
  • Contacts of relevant people and platforms
  • Matchmaking session or a two-day peer review session depending on the needs

Recent experiences from the policy helpdesk 

  • Green public procurement in Cohesion Funds 

Following the webinar on the topic of Green Public Procurement (GPP), a participant was looking for examples to include GPP as a selection criteria for projects financed by Cohesion Funds. The request was submitted through the policy helpdesk and was reviewed by one of our Environment and resource efficiency experts. 

In his answer, he provided a set of information ranging from EC guidance on GPP in Cohesion Funds to overviews of environmental criteria applied in different member states. Concrete examples from different regions across Europe were equally provided as source of inspiration. 

The information proved to be very useful for the participant and she mentioned that they will consider 'the use of GPP criteria when drafting eligibility guidelines or project selection criteria for new programming period of ESIF projects'. 

  • Entrepreneurial discovery process and S3

Another community member was looking for relevant information to prepare herself and colleagues for the revision of the RIS3 strategy. Specifically for the entrepreneurial discovery process and enabling conditions for RIS3. 

Arnault, one of the Research and innovation experts, provided her with resources such as: a webinar on RIS3 governance that focuses on the EDP and key learnings from the workshop Monitoring, evaluating and designing RIS3. In addition, they pointed out to relevant online learning courses (MOOC) offered by the S3 platform and the École Polytechinque Fédérale de Lausanne

So, in case of doubt or if you are not sure where to start when thinking about particular policy challenges, get in touch with us through our policy helpdesk and let us help you! 

Send your policy helpdesk request today. 

Image credit: Les Finances