Project good practices

Low Cost Recycling Infrastructure for Zero Discharge in...

Summary: A low-cost water re-use infrastructure has been designed to transfer treated wastewaters from industrial areas to companies that can make use of the streams.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Used Limestone Powder from Car Painting as secondary raw material...

Summary: The polluted limestone generated at Audi Hungaria painting plant is transported to Lafarge Cement Factory where it is used for cement production.

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Symbiosis practices in ceramic sector

Summary: The aim of the project is using wastes of ceramic sector in other sector and using glass waste as a raw material in ceramic sector

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Recycling techniques and zero discharge through ionic membrane in...

Summary: Development of recycling techniques and zero discharge through the implementation of ionic membrane in effluents from the tanning sector.

Location: Burgenland AT, Austria (Österreich)

Waste Exchange Scheme

Summary: The Spanish Chambers of Commerce have set up a regional waste exchange scheme (Bolsa de residuos) that allows companies to easily exchange waste as byproducts.

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Platio Solar Paver

Summary: Platio Solar Paver is a modular paving system mostly made out of recycled plastic which can work as a solar collector and provide electricity for use.

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

EPS and polystyrene concrete recycling

Summary: EPS and polystyrene concrete recycling

Location: Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)

Map Application

Summary: Map Application

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Denim Reuse

Summary: Denim Reuse. Used jeans are collected in order to reuse them for furniture or any other household objects. Less landfilling, more use of secondary material.

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Industrial Symbiosis for the ceramic sector: recycling of thermal...

Summary: Use of secondary raw materials derived from waste streams in the ceramic sector reduces industry dependency from raw material prices and availability.

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

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