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Peer Review and Partner Meeting in Thessaly, Greece


Peer Review and Partner Meeting in Thessaly, Greece, 9-12 July 2019

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OptiTrans at the "Europe, let's cooperate forum'"


OptiTrans attended the interregional cooperation forum "Europe, let's...

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1 year Granada Metro Line


The Metropolitano de Granada, the transport system managed by the “Junta de...

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Baia Mare Area plans upgrades of its transport fleet


Local stakeholders exchanged on ambitious mobility projects for the Baia Mare...

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Experience fair


OptiTrans was part of the Interreg Europe Experience fair in Sofia

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Infomobility in L’Aquila after the Earthquake


After the destructions of the 2009 earthquake, L'Aquila and its surroundings are...

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OptiTrans presented at a conference in Murcia


Presentation of the OptiTrans project at the "URBAN INTELLIGENCE" conference in...

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Commission takes action in clean vehicles


EU proposes new targets for average CO2 emissions.

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New metro line opened on 21st September in Granada


After long ten years of hard work, the new Metro line in Granada has been...

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EU public consultation


EU public consultation on a possible initiative in the field of passenger rights...

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Exchange of Experience


OptiTrans will meet with TRAM and SUPPORT Projects in Sevilla to introduce...

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First workshop “Intermodal Mobility” in Tartu


The OptiTrans project team and external stakeholders met on the 9th of May 2017...

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