International Design Policy Roundtable 2018
Lessons learnt – what works and how to use it for the future? 

A number of countries around the world have developed Design Policies, Design Strategies and Design Action Plans but what are good practices in developing, implementing and evaluating design policies? Some countries are in the second or third phases of their design policies like Denmark and Singapore while others are at the beginning of the journey. Collectively we have an opportunity to build upon the success factors and consolidate the lessons from pitfalls. It is not only about how government can support design but also how design can support government. What is next practice in terms of design policy and how can we advance this agenda?   

Following the success of the last year's International Design Policy Roundtable in Singapore we decided that the continuous dialogue is needed. Therefore, this November we invited design and policy experts from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and UK, to discuss good practices and lessons learnt from developing, implementing and evaluating design policies.

The experts will share the results of their discussion during an open Insight Forum event organised by Design4Innovation in collaboration with BEDA.