In place of the postponed peer review meeting #1 in Orleans, France 10-11.3.2020, the lead partner held an online Steering group committee meeting on March 12.2020.

For the time being the following decisions were made in regards to organising the  project meetings planned for spring and fall of 2020. The meeting times are still subject to change due to the Covid-19 developments: 

  • Peer review #1 will be held in Orleans, France September 15-16.2020. 
  • Peer review #2 and interregional thematic workshop (ITW) # 1 will be held in Gabrovo, Romania 16-17.6.2020 
  • Peer review #3 and steering group committee #3 will be held in Rovaniemi, Finland 20-21.10.2020
  • Peer review #4 and ITW #2 will be held in Badajoz, Spain 2-3.12.2020.