IMPROVE project aims to develop a better delivery of RDI policies by developing new management and implementation methods. With the contribution of project’s activities including interregional Thematic Workshops and Peer Reviews have launched learning processes on both interregional level between project partners and regional level with local stakeholders. Regional level cooperation takes place in a regular basis playing a major role during the project bringing stakeholders` input to support project’s activities.

Stakeholder meetings in the third semester were related to the present status of the project, overview on the Peer Review workshops and the plan of the project for 2021. RSG meetings addressed also the findings to develop implementation of policy instrument based on examples presented in peer review events and identified good practices.

Discussions were focused on the possibility to launch new tools as dedicated call for S3 projects and financial instrument for the implementation of joint projects between actors from different institutions. Discussions considered also the challenges, as how to support deep tech teams and companies and empower innovation uptake in regional SMEs. Moreover, the issues as how to overcome technical barriers and boost the local actors skills to achieve synergies, the future role of clusters, R&D&I activities and their linkage to SMEs were under the review.