IMPROVE project`s first Peer Review hosted by DEV’UP Centre-Val de Loire was held online on on September 14-16. The event was initially planned to held on March 10-11 in Orleans, France but was turned to September due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The emphasis was made on the implementation of the Centre-Val de Loire RIS3 in link with the Thematic Objective 1 of the ERDF Operational programme.

The first session was dedicated to the presentation of the Centre-Val de Loire Region as well as the RIS3 and its link with the ERDF OP. 

Then, Centre-Val de Loire partner chose to illustrate different aspect of the design and the implementation of the RIS3 by emphasizing the point of views of the different regional actors involved. First, different intermediary’s organisations explained their role in the RIS3 implementation. The coordination of the Economic Developer Network of the Centre-Val de Loire, is a good illustration how the whole economic development support ecosystem support can be involved in the RIS3, through a relevant coordination. Then, two others organisation both related to one of the Centre-Val de Loire specialisation domains (that is environmental metrology and engineering) illustrated their role in the RIS3 implementation too.  

The third session was dedicated to the public makers point of view, through the management of the ERDF OP in close partnership with the different units of the Region. A focus was made too on an instrument dedicated to the support to the regional research but oriented to the industrial end entrepreneurial challenges and needs: the “Ambition 2020” program.   

Finally, the partners worked on an interactive way by using a white table tool. Through different brainstorming exercises they addressed the challenge “How to broaden and diffusing innovation towards less innovation aware SMEs or those in less developed area?”. By this way, they shared their experiences and good practices and proposed solutions to help Centre-Val de Loire to encounter this issue.