Project News

Digital jump in Romania due to Covid-19


Measures and actions adopted in the Romanian North-West Development Region for...

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Quick actions by Centre-Val de Loire in crisis


The Centre-Val de Loire's quick reactions to help the companies to pull through...

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Fruitful Stakeholder meeting in Puglia


Glimpse into what took place at the stakeholder meeting #1 organised by IMPROVE...

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Lapland's response to Covid-19 with structural funds


Actions taken by regional development and structural funds in Lapland to react...

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Covid-19 response by ROP of Centro, Portugal


Two calls launghed by RoP Centro together with OP of Portugal to ease the...

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Measures in Extremadura to fight COVID-19 crisis


Extremadura has made changes in the fulfilment & accreditation of requirements &...

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Schedule of the Project Events in 2020


Rescheduling of the project meetings due to Covid-19

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Getting ready for the 1st Peer Review meeting


What will happen at the IMPROVE Peer Reviews including the 1st in March 2020

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Off to a good start in Badajoz, Spain


Regions from 8 European countries work together to improve the effectiveness of...

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