During the 2 days study visit, IMPACT partner ENRx showcased how they work in partnership with a large variety of local private & public stakeholders involved in socioeconomic or biodiversity activities in protected areas. 

Among which, EDEN62, public entity in charge of the management of fragile nature areas, Rivages Propres, an entitiy that provides insertion teams to work in natural areas, Lycée Bavay, a high school that offers a voluntary Biodiversity educational program for teenagers- Biodiverlycée and some Gîtes de France, participating in a Nature & Wellness program or Showcase garden, a supporting local plants program.

The study visits took place in 3 Regional Natural Parks :

A Regional Natural Park is an inhabited rural area that is nationally recognised for its valuable local heritage and landscape, but also for its fragility.

Such parks lean on extensive sustainable development plans allowing the protection and promotion of their resources.

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