Today a group of iEER partners and experts is travelling to Timisoara in West Region Romania to get to know the region’s startup ecosystem and to conduct a peer evaluation on the region’s entrepreneurial activities.

The three-day visit is hosted by iEER partner Regional Development Agency of the West Region Romania and will incorporate visits to startup support agencies in the city of Timisoara, pitch sessions from startups and learning in innovation labs. The visiting iEER partner regions will also share their experiences in building successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

West Region Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia and has over two million inhabitants. The region produces 58% of the average EU28 GDP per capita and hosts over 47 thousand companies. West Region Romania is heavily export-oriented and has a fast growing economy ranking second after the country's capital region. The region’s strenghts include a skilled workforce, proximity to Western markets, significant natural resources, cosmopolitan mentality and multilingualism for a large part of the population. The region has a diversified transport infrastructure, which makes it a major logistical node for product assembly and export to Central European and other markets.

Tourism is also very important due to the presence of national parks in the region. A major factor addding to the overall competitiveness of the region is the presence of a University center assuring educated work-force in multiple disciplines: technical, medicine, agro-food and social sciences.

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