Hi everyone!

Greetings from Finland. In the second iEER blog post we’ll tell you a bit more of what working with iEER is like.

First allow me to introduce myself. I’m Andrina, communications coordinator for iEER. I started working for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, which is the lead partner of the project, almost a year ago and have been with iEER since the project was officially launched last year. We have a pretty international team working with iEER here in Helsinki. Our project coordinator Christine is originally from Taiwan and my colleague Kamilla moved to Finland from Azerbaijan a few years ago.  One added bonus of having such an international team is the amazing food my colleagues have introduced me to.

Andrina (communications), Christine (head of project) and Kamilla (finance)

As a communications coordinator for iEER it is my responsibility to keep everyone up to date on our project’s happenings through our website, Twitter and LinkedIn group. I’m also actively involved in the everyday coordination of the project both on the international and local levels. As a lead partner we help partners to organize international learning events like the camps we’ve had in Brandenburg and Valencia, develop the methodology for the project together with IT Tralee and make sure the project is on the right track and going as planned. In addition to international activities and overall coordination, we also work actively on the local level in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region to make sure iEER will have a lasting impact on the region’s startup ecosystem. It’s a lot of work but fun at the same time.

    For me the highlights have been the encounters I’ve had with our European partners learning about their daily lives and work

iEER is the first EU project I have worked with and it has been a rewarding experience in many ways. For me the highlights have been the encounters I’ve had with our European partners learning about their daily lives and work. European cooperation has become much more concrete for me through this project and I wish everyone would have the chance to truly engage with our European neighbors. It has also been great to see the connections made during our international events and I hope they bear fruit also after the end of the project. The optimism, positivity and forward-looking attitude of entrepreneurs has really made an impact on me and now I know why the startup culture has spread so quickly also in my hometown.

In a few weeks we’ll start our interregional learning activities with a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland, where we’ll organize the third iEER learning camp. I’m really looking forward to meeting our partners after the winter break and finding out how entrepreneurship is promoted in the island.

Stay tuned for more news as the iEER activities heat up in the spring!