Founders Region Westbrandenburg  on the move

During the implementation of the iEER project it was identified that the federal state Brandenburg should improve the cooperation of the actors to support founders and to create a vivid environment for young and motivated entrepreneurs. As a result, one of the action designed for Brandenburg is the pilot project - Founders Region Westbrandenburg.

The goal of the Founders Region Westbrandenburg is to improve local networks, support services and also to define new pathways and actions for local stakeholders from 2020 onwards. This should be done by creating new incentives, optimizing the current frameworks, increasing the interaction between regional stakeholders and enhancing a transparency and pooling of offers and programs concerning company foundations.

To make this happen, Variety of stakeholders of the ecosystem, which are supporting the economy as well as entrepreneurs of different stages were brought together in March 12th. It was the first step  to discuss the conditions that enhance and advance the business culture in the region to get an overview about the strengths and weaknesses in Westbrandeneburg.

Charta of a business culture
At the event, all the results were recorded in a “Charta of a business culture in founders region of Westbrandenburg”. This was preceded by a lively and intense exchange among the participants inter alia by a world café and panel discussions.

The feedback on this event was more than satisfying. Several networks and other regional stakeholders reflected that this event as a platform for an exchange about everything that could be continued and also should be improved was expedient. Now it is clear what needs to be done to aim the goals of the pilot project and to improve the business culture in the region. And since the variety of stakeholders was ranging from startups over company owners to institutions that promote regional economy, a wide spectrum of opinions and needs were gathered. That is especially helpful to create a business culture that contains different perspectives. Together with the interested and active actors, task forces were created in order to work effectively and structured on the Charta.

For more information about the iEER partner in Brandenburg - University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg.