On September 25-27, thirty professors, teachers and policy makers from nine regions were brought to Valencia to kick start the learning and pilot of the Aula Emprende.

Aula Emprende” is an outstandinng good practice selected by nine regions of the iEER project to pilot in the phase 2 of the iEER Interreg implementation.

Aula Emprende practitioners shared their insights, tools and experience during the three-day train the trainers camp organized by the University of Valencia and the Regional Government of Valencia.  The Train the Trainers Aula Emprende camp is part of the pilot action of the iEER project in phase 2. The pilot is committed by Valencia, Northern Ireland, Brandenburg, Marche, Hauts de France, Kerry, Helsinki-Uusimaa, Southern Denmark and West Pomerania.

The event started with welcome addresses by Mª Dolores Real García, Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Transfer of University of Valencia,  Mr. Ossi Savolainen, Regional Mayor for Helsinki-Uusimaa Region and Mr. Francisco Álvarez Molina, General Director for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism. Emphasised by all speakers, development of automation and artificial intelligence is shaping the future jobs and skill needed for our society to prosper. Entrepreneurship mindset, problem solving, and interpersonal skills are the competences that decide the success of the future generation. The pilot action on Aula Emprende is the answer of nine regions to this trend and it prepares the teachers with tools and solutions in nurturing the future generation to be entrepreneurial.

In this three-day event, the experience of the Valencia region in setting up the Aula Emprende was introduced to the audience. There are three elements contributing to a successful implementation of the Aula Emprende model. They are pillars of governmental support and framework, perspective of academic and teachers and pedological tools and activation methods.    

The first pillar is the importance of governmental support and framework. It includes the creation of a regional framework, setting up working group and providing financial support and technical coordination at the regional and governmental level to the implementation of Aula Emprende 
The second pillar emphasises the perspective of academics and teachers. It is the question of how to motivate and recruit teachers in participating the Aula Emprende programme.  “MOTIVEM methodology” was introduced as a tool to activate the teachers. Furthermore, ways of how to attract teachers and staff in programme management, get support from the top management and creation of an accreditation system are introduced.

The third pillar is pedological tools and activation methods.  Ms. Lilian Dabdoub Alvarado introduced the concept of “creativity” and how teachers become a creativity facilitator. By applying the method, teachers transform themselves from traditional pedological teaching to be a creativity booster. 

The three days event was full of inspirations. Not only the Valencia Region has brought the participants to immerse in the beautiful botanic garden but also passed on its essential knowledge for regions to implement Aula Emprende locally.

After train the trainers' camp, the participants will return home and implement the pilot at the regional level. The implementation will start by regions making a roll-out plan for the Aula Emprende, followed training camp for teaching the teacher and then implementation of the learning in the classrooms.

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