In the end of October the iEER peer review experts group will visit the Polish entrepreneurial ecosystem in Szczecin. During two days the group will learn about the start-up scene in various locations in the west Pomerania region.

The agenda consists of visits to the Technopark Pomerania, the Business Link, Regional Centre for Innovation Technology Transfer and the Center for Creative Industries.  The visit will be finalized with a peer evaluation of the region’s entrepreneurial activities.

West Pomerania is the fifth largest region of Poland (with an area of 23,000 km2) and it is situated in the North Western part of Poland. Szczecin, the capital city of West Pomerania, along with the surrounding metropolitan area has nearly 650,000 inhabitants.

Central location by the sea

The region is featured strongly by its’ central location. West-Pomerania lies in the middle of international transport routes, which gives the area various benefits.

Until recently the region was mainly associated with shipbuilding and agricultural industries. Along has come various sectors of the economy, especially ones using modern technologies. Region has also increased the use of renewable energy sources by growing number of wind turbines and thermal power plants.

West Pomerania is known for its beautiful landscapes – surrounding Baltic Sea and sand dunes create good conditions for tourism.

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