At the end of September the iEER-group will travel to Marche, Italy, which will be the last learning camp event of the iEER-project. In addition to learning about the start-up scene in Marche, the camp will focus on preparing the iEER partners for developing regional action plans. The learning camp programme is full of interesting content: it offers the group a possibility to learn regional start-up scene and visit start-up support premises. During the workshop sessions, results of the iEER baselines studies and good practices will be presented and used for brainstorming preliminary ideas for action plans.

In Marche there is a lot to learn about business: the region represents a long tradition in entrepreneurship. An estimated ten percent of the regional population are entrepreneurs, which is the highest percentage in Italy.

The region has a high number of innovative start-ups. It is also among the Italian regions with the highest innovative start-up activation rate in proportion to the population.
Marche is known for its shoemaking tradition and handicrafts. Footwear and leather goods are still profitable industrial areas. To build on top of that, the region also aims at rebuilding and revitalizing the regional business structure through four specialization areas including mechatronics (electromechanical systems), smart housing, sustainable manufacturing and health and well-being.

During the learning camp we’ll learn about Marche’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and, for instance, visit the Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) and four regional incubators at their premises. In addition, the learning camp agenda includes a lot of workshopping, networking and learning about best practices.

Located in the centre of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea, the region can be seen as Italy’s “gateway to the east". The main city is Ancona, that is the administrative main seat and an important harbor in the Adriatic Sea with daily connections with Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

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