At the end of May iEER partners will travel to the cities of Odense and Esbjerg in Southern Denmark for the spring’s final learning camp. Themed ”RIS3 implementation and young entrepreneurs”, the camp looks at the ways smart specialisation can be used to the benefit of entrepreneurs. Members of iEER high level steering committee will also be joining the camp, which provides a great opportunity for decision-makers and practicioners to exchange views and network.

Smart Specialisation is an EU policy encouraging regions to focus on their core strengths when supporting business and innovation. It helps regions face challenges such as decreasing workforce by pooling resources to strenghten the core activities of the region. Southern Denmark's smart specialisation strategy places sustainable energy, health and welfare technology and experience business at the forefront of business activities. During the camp participants will gather in workshops to brainstorm how to better to support startups through regional Smart Specialisation strategies.

The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five regions in Denmark and has a population of 1.2 million people.  Hosted by iEER partner Region Syddanmark, learning camp participants will be introduced to the cities of Odense and Esbjerg. Odense is one of Denmark’s biggest university cities and is the biggest city in Southern Denmark with more than 190. 000 people. Esbjerg is Denmark’s fifth largest city with a thriving harbour for offshore activities. It also hosts one of Denmark’s biggest companies in the field of  energy supply and telecommunications, SE.

In Odense and Esbjerg camp participants will be introduced to some of the region’s core activities combining smart specialisation and entrepreneurship support. The Science Park is a new center of excellence within welfare and robotics technologies. The park hosts over 60 companies, institutions and centres with more than 500 employees providing an inspiring international environment.
Another key initiative is Scale-Up Denmark, which is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. The purpose of the initiative is to attract high performing industries to the region. There are three Scale-Up Denmark hubs in Southern Denmark: Energy Efficient Technologies, Offshore Industry and Health and Welfare Technology. Two more centres will be set up in the field of Robotics and Experience Economy.

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