With the COVID-19 crisis affecting almost every segment of economy in Spain, the media puts IPP as one of the recommended measures to ease the situation.

Major Spanish newspaper, called La Vanguardia, has published an article on how technological companies have been raising against the coronavirus. The article stresses the importance of promoting innovative policies towards these companies during the pandemic crisis, as they belong to a sensitive sector that has not completely recovered from the previous financial crisis. The newspaper sees these companies as a major actor in fighting the crisis and elaborates on several possible measures from the government to help them out. Among those measures the media lists outlining strong R&D policy, increasing financial incentives, creating favorable regulatory framework, pushing for the public procurement of innovative (PPI) goods and improving the contacts between the university and the companies.

The pointing out of PPI during the coronavirus crisis by the media shows the importance of this practice for the economy of the whole country and makes it extremely time-appropriate for iBuy initiative to continue boosting innovation in public sector through public procurement both in Spain and other regions, involved in the project.

The whole article in Spanish could be read here.