More sharing, more awareness, more training, more tools and instruments to promote Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) for 2020 – these are just a few desires expressed by the different participants from the international seminar “Capacity building a driver for IPP transnational cooperation” run by ANI and IMPIC in Lisbon (Portugal) on 16 October. This event, organized within the scope of two European projects: iBuy from Interreg Europe programme and Procure2Innovate from Horizon 2020 programme, brought together about 70 people from 14 EU states. All participants were challenged to share their PPI goals for 2020.

Based on the experiences provided by the participants, 2020 will be a year full of many different aims: examining the concept of Public Procurement of Innovation in greater depth and providing more clarifications; defining the goals and necessary procedures in greater details; designing new paths to make solution and support instruments feasible.

Another goal that has been mentioned several times is related to training and PPI specialization. This should be at least partly covered by new competence centres that are being set up across Europe to enable a greater exchange of ideas, experience and best practices.

Some other goals include a better use of public money, greater stability in funding and increasingly promoting the interests of public entities in the subject.

Although all very different, all of the proposed goals have a common denominator: all admit that PPI is an essential vehicle for building a more sustainable and more developed society.