Stakeholders involved in project HoCare meet on 14th November 2016 in FunchalMadeira to exchange good practices and formulate high-level outputs through the submission of reports that aim to address the issue of EU funds.

With the exchange of knowledge among the various stakeholders, it is expected that the project will contribute to the presentation of innovative ideas, resulting in increased professional skills.

The involvement in this project will achieve, in addition to attending these meetings, the contribution in preparing a document analyzing the regional situation of home care; identification of good practices in the area, as well as the unmet needs in terms of home care; participation in the Thematic Workshop to be held on 27th and 28th of January; and contributions to the development of the action plan.

Eight partners from different regions of the European Union decided to join forces and created HoCare, a project that aims to address the challenges in the area of providing home care.

It is recalled that the HoCare project has a duration of four years, having started in April 2016 with the main objective of fostering the creation of innovative solutions in home care by strengthening the cooperation of public and private agents in the regional system health using an approach in several aspects (quadruple-helix).