The 3rd meeting of the HoCare Regional Multi-Stakeholder Group (RMG), which supports professional implementation of the project, was organised by NHSC on 8th February 2018. The event took place in the conference room of NHSC’ headquarter and aimed to have a common debate and discussion with members of the RMG on the thematic reports, which are currently under elaboration based on the Thematic Studies covering the main themes of the Hocare project (unmet needs; public driven innovation; and bringing innovative solutions quicker to the market related to home care) and will assist implementation of transferable selected Good Practices in Hungary.

During the meeting we reviewed the situation in Hungary, the current challenges we are facing, and the transferable good practices Hungary could adapt, with special regard to the field of bringing innovations quicker to the market. Following that we outlined the action plan that would be completed by the middle of March. We used SWOT analysis In order to model potential transfer/adaptation of selected GP-s and had an interactive debate on possible scenarios, as well as overviewed and assessed recommendations, which would be incorporated in the finalised action plan.

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