HoCare partners organized National Policy Learning Events in all partner countries aimed to tackle all communication objectives at national level, including raising awareness and changing mind-set of relevant stakeholders outside the partnership. Additional objective is to disseminate knowledge to other relevant policy actors beyond their core stakeholder groups at national level.

National Policy Learning Event in Hungary:

National Policy Learning Event was organized by NHSC in Budapest on 5th December 2017 with the participation of national patient organisations, health care experts of primary care institutions, representatives of the business sector (industry & distributors) universities & researchers, various ministries and authorities responsible for the relevant development policy fields. The event aimed to provide an overview of project results having achieved so far, as well as to share and discuss potential and already identified policy recommendations and challenges, based on the collected transferrable international GP-s. Participants were greeted by Dr. Márta Ladányi Deputy State Secretary for Health Care Coordination, Ministry of Human Capacities, followed by Mr. Ferenc Tipold, Head of Department for Planning and Territorial Development, from the Ministry of National Economy. On behalf of the organiser, Dr. Miklós Gondos, Regional Director of Central Hungary Region of NHSC, welcomed participants of the event. Greetings were followed by a review of selected GP-s and an interactive debate, during which we received useful comments and inputs. The opinions/recommendations coming from various organizations/bodies concerned in health innovations, development policy, and patients’ advocacy will be built into the national Action Plan, the completion of which will be the next milestone of the project.

National Policy Learning Event in Madeira - Portugal:

National Policy Learning Event in Lithuania:

National Policy Learning Event in Slovenia:

National Policy Learning Event in Romania:

National Policy Learning Event in Bulgaria:

At 30th March 2018 the Bulgarian Hocare project partner Business Agency Association organised a National policy learning event in Varna to disseminate knowledge gained in HoCare project to other relevant policy actors. The aim was to raise awareness and to discuss the Action plan implementation. The event presented the HoCare project, the review of home care situation in Bulgaria, the most relevant examples of collected good practices from other countries, that are possible to be transferred to Bulgaria, the results from the 3 Joint Thematic Studies and the Policy Transfer Reports. The event gathered representatives of public authorities, ministries, health care experts of primary care institutions, home care services providers, representatives of the business sector, researchers and university lecturers. They had also the possibility to exchange ideas and to take part in an intensive networking exercise aiming at intensifying the interaction within the regional innovations chains related to home care. A pressconference has been held afterwards. 

National Policy Learning Event in Cyprus:


Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) and the Department of Nursing Services of the Ministry of Health co-organized on Thursday, March 29, 2018, a workshop entitled "Investing in Home Care e-Services" in the Latsia Town Hall. The workshop was organized within the framework of the completion of the first phase of the Interreg Europe Project HoCare. The event was attended by representatives of all four helix areas. It is important to highlight, that the presence of the Cyprus Managing Authority, The Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development, and the Ministry of Health played a significant role in the efficient development of the open discussion.

National Policy Learning Event in Czech Republic: